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  • Having the shape of a ring.

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  • adj. shaped like a ring


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  • Whether you serve your wine in an IKEA glass costing $2.99, or in hand-cut Baccarat crystal costing 50 times as much, sooner or later you'll have one concern—the ring-shaped stains that wineglasses tend to leave behind.

    A Toast to Change as Crystal Goes Practical

  • However, as I filmed DOUGH's over-sized, ring-shaped cakes getting dunked and dressed, something happened...

    Liza de Guia: DOUGH's Artisan Donuts: A Far Cry From Old Fashioned

  • Again, I simplified the step of producing a ring-shaped cake by using a bundt pan.

    Easy King Cake | Baking Bites

  • On ceremonial days, the ring-shaped "patio" was crowded with people chatting and jostling one another or perhaps linked arm in arm, performing the cadena, or chain dance while listening to groups of musicians.

    Guachimontones: unearthing a lost world near Teuchitlan, Jalisco

  • Mr. Carter believes that atoms are constructed of "circlons"—"hollow, ring-shaped mechanical particles that are held together within the nucleus by their physical shapes."

    On the Margins of Science

  • I figured that I would still try to bake them off, and even if they didn't rise I could have ring-shaped grissini.

    Archive 2009-01-01

  • Jimmy had taken the old fan down from the living room ceiling in order to install this awesome new fan, and set the parts - including the very heavy, hard metal center ring-shaped part that I don't know what it's called - on the floor.

    The perils of befriending me.

  • In one type of fusion reactor design, these gases are fed into a ring-shaped vacuum chamber and heated to the point at which they become a plasma — a form of super-hot gas that is affected by magnetism.

    The Tail Section » “Jughead” Review: The Other Side of Charles Widmore

  • JSOC/SOF also maintained a 'less-than-lethal' program of using against their targets pepper spray projectiles, ring-shaped rubber bullets, electro-static devices to immobilize vehicles, electro-magnetic devices to disable automobile electronics, light scattering particles to confuse crowds, and electro-shocking devices to immobilize crowds.

    Spook spotlight (Jack Bog's Blog)

  • In 2008 a nearly identical case (Videtto v. Kellogg USA) was filed in a different court by another plaintiff, but that case too was dismissed on the grounds that a reasonable consumer would not be confused by the allegedly frooty loops because the ring-shaped cereal "does not resemble any known fruit."

    California Plagued With 'Frooty' Lawsuits


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