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  • People repairing oak-framed houses or extending them often make the mistake of building in dead straight lines, instead of letting the line of a roof undulate gently, so that the tiles rise and fall and rearrange themselves with the passage of time like the scales on a fish.


  • But then he noticed another thing, a small indentation on the hilt, almost too small to see against the dapples of the black rust and the rise and fall of the rough unpolished old steel.

    A Bob Lee Swagger eBook Boxed Set

  • Solitary hopefuls whose skin flaps barely had the energy to rise and fall clung to the flanks of the line.

    Running from the Deity

  • For five hundred years the painting had ricocheted around the world, acquiring layers of enriching patinas, its journey anticipating the rise and fall of the great powers of the Western world.

    The Dragon’s Trail

  • This is due to the dilatation of the retro-ocular vessels, and might have been expected from the intimate connection of the eye and brain; the brain being known to rise and fall with each respiration, when a portion of the skull has been removed; and as may be seen along the unclosed sutures of infants 'heads.

    The expression of the emotions in man and animals

  • In this, he was a disciple of the American naval officer Alfred Thayer Mahan, who, in The Influence of Sea Power upon History, published in 1890, had traced the rise and fall of maritime powers in the past and demonstrated that in every case, the state that controlled the seas controlled its own fate; states deficient in naval power were doomed to decline.

    Castles of Steel

  • The assumption he worked from was that mastery of his thoughts might follow mastery of his lungs, but he could not even make his chest rise and fall at his bidding and so his breath and his mind went where they would in juddering fashion.

    Cold Mountain

  • Nora felt as if she was burning up under his fiery inspection, her limbs too heavy with molten desire to rise in defence of her modesty, fascinated by the ragged rise and fall of his deep chest and the compact ripple of his flat abdomen where it arrowed into the open fly of his unzipped jeans.

    Mistress For A Weekend

  • The J curve : a new way to understand why nations rise and fall / Ian Bremmer.

    The J Curve

  • The upward sweep of his gaze took in the towel tied around her waist, the shallow rise and fall of her breasts beneath the peasant-style bodice of her dress, and the creamy smoothness of her throat and neck before stopping when it reached her face.

    Western Man


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