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  • noun The alluvial land along the margin of a river. See bottom, 3.


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  • The main task of the POWs in this camp was to pick rocks and stones from a vast area of old dried river-bottom land near the camp so that the land could be made ready to plant sugar cane.

    The Story of the Taiwan POW's

  • They're perfect for hunting river-bottom bucks, but you'll probably want them back in the field come spring turkey season. $98; 800-365-4933; www.


  • We camped that night in a shallow river-bottom filled with cotton-woods, and rode on next day through broken country which began to incline slowly downwards; my excitement rose, for I guessed we must be approaching the Del Norte valley.


  • On seeing Forsyth's hasty move, the Indians, thinking they had him, prepared to overwhelm the scouts by swooping down on one side of the island with about five hundred mounted warriors, while about two hundred, covered by the tall grass in the river-bottom attacked the other side, dismounted.

    She Makes Her Mouth Small & Round & Other Stories

  • Another half-minute in the river-bottom and they'd have had me-even now, as I put my head down and the Arab went like a rat up a drainpipe, it was going to be a damned close thing.


  • From vast slash pine plantations to river-bottom hardwood stands, hurricane Katrina killed or damaged about 320 million trees across Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, and Texas – the largest ecological disaster in US history, new estimates reveal.

    Katrina Rated Largest U.S. Ecodisaster | Disinformation

  • Federal agents took out the rowboat ferry in the village of Lajitas; piled boulders to block a river-bottom road through a shallow stretch of the Rio Grande near Redford; began prosecuting anyone caught scrambling across a narrow dam that runs from bank to bank near Del Rio.

    Texas Rancher's Bridge to the Past

  • ANDY KAHAN, DIRECTOR, VICTIMS CRIME OFFICE FOR HOUSTON MAYOR: I ` ll tell you, Nancy, the entrepreneurs, the capitalists, and what I probably refer to them and you ` ll agree as river-bottom dwelling catfish (INAUDIBLE) they ` re coming out of the woodshed to capitalize on the infamy and ill - gotten notoriety that Karr has achieved over the last few weeks.

    CNN Transcript Aug 29, 2006

  • Immediately below us, at a depth so dizzy that I automatically kept a hold on the parapet, lay the valley floor, a boulder-strewn river-bottom along which a thin thread of silver indi cated the stream which flowed out of a jungly cleft ten miles away.

    Flashman on the March

  • At Heito Camp the POWs worked at clearing old river-bottom land of rocks and stones so that sugar cane could be planted in the area.

    Never Forgotten Newsletter


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