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  • n. A landscape that features a river

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  • n. A scene on a river, or a picture representing such a scene.


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  • Vincent Van Gogh took up painting in that year, and Monet painted Sunset on the Seine in Winter, and the sculptor Rodin turned out The Thinker, and Renoir began his riverscape masterpiece, Luncheon of the Boating Party.

    Mark Twain

  • As captured on video, the riverscape seemed to consist chiefly of slowwater sections winding through gentle bends and interrupted occasionally by riffles.

    The Song of The Dodo

  • She could see the government barge still tied to its dock, its red enamel and gilt trim as brilliant as a flower in the gray-green riverscape.

    Hadrian's Wall.html

  • The steam around them thinned just long enough for Morgan to catch a glimpse of a boiling riverscape, at what seemed entirely the wrong angle.

    The Sinister Six Combo

  • He passed her a black and white riverscape of towering cliffs on either hand and a cascade of water that seemed to fall from the heavens to dwarf the tiny figures of half-naked men and boats in the foreground.

    The Seventh Scroll

  • She smoked her cigarette, looking hard at the riverscape.

    the dirty duck

  • A barrier dam across the entire estuary at one or another point in the freshwater section could prevent such penetration, but would be hugely expensive and undoubtedly more obtrusive on a much-used part of the riverscape than most upstream reservoirs could possibly be.

    The Nation's River A report on the Potomac from the U.S. Department of the Interior

  • You look out through your mosquito net each morning, over the table and chairs on your balcony, at the riverscape just beyond. - Frontpage RSS Feed

  • We see stampeding wildebeest, red rocky caverns, perspective-skewed savannah after grassland after dark reddened riverscape.


  • Some of Gudgel's optimism comes from anticipated results of a riverscape master plan initiative funded by the city council and carried out by the Riverfront Improvement Committee.

    News from


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