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  • abbr. root mean square


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  • As a side note a voltage measured by taking the average of the voltage squared and then taking the square root is called the rms voltage.

    USCCSP: Temperature Trends in the Lower Atmosphere « Climate Audit

  • Here we find that the work of contractors performing foreign affairs functions for the U.S. government is far more opaque, and employees of contract firms have far fewer protections if they decide to come forward with information about abuse.

    David Isenberg: Outsourcing War and Peace: Part 4

  • For example, often the changes they want to make to the models to improve the realism of the physics have bad effects: the new scheme does worse (in terms of rms error) than the old scheme, especially where the old scheme had been tuned to compensate for known inaccuracies.

    Climate Science and Software Quality | Serendipity

  • Agencies should require contract firms to receive accreditation from independent organizations, and nongovernmental organizations should create accreditation bodies applying uniform standards.

    David Isenberg: Outsourcing War and Peace: Part 5

  • "New ARPS redemption announcements have dried up as boards are increasingly preoccupied with reviewing the decisions made over the past two years rather than issues related to pursuing new fo rms of leveraged financing," said Ms. Gondor.

    Auction-Rate Buybacks Chilled; Nuveen May Move

  • Meanwhile, the chain maintains consistent pricing on high-profile items like the small coffee, where a price hike could drive frugal customers straight into the a rms of arch-rival Dunkin '.

    Price-Point Politics

  • It has been among the biggest fi rms in Iraq, judging by the value of its past contracts.

    David Isenberg: The Olympics Will Be Protected by Aegis: Ay, There's the Rub

  • For its money Aegis had to pay a staff of 500 based all over the country, organize the coordination of intelligence from all the security fi rms and the military, and also provide a central emergency hotline, so that if someone is ambushed on the road, there is one number (or radio frequency) he or she can ring for help.

    David Isenberg: The Olympics Will Be Protected by Aegis: Ay, There's the Rub

  • The proposed marriage, which would create the world's largest airline in te rms of paying-passenger miles, has split opinions on Capitol Hill, with concerns about the potential impact on competition and passengers fares matched by a realization that the money-losing airline sector needs to be fixed somehow.

    Lawmakers Circle Over Airline Mergers

  • "While we have benefited from positive conditions in the U.S. farm sector, particularly in te rms of demand for large equipment, European markets are down sharply," Chairman and Chief Executive

    Deere Reaps Robust Profit


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