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  • adj. Having a style of trimming a horse's mane so that the hair stands straight up from the neck, similar to the natural growth pattern of a zebra's mane, or a mohawk haircut on a human.


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  • He was a middle-aged man with some gray in his roached hair.

    Fire The Sky

  • "So would the Elves," Shalkan agreed somberly, shaking his short roached mane.

    Tran Siberian

  • It had a long slender neck, with a short roached mane that stopped just short of its horn.

    Tran Siberian

  • Her name was Frost, and she was white with a rime of gray on her roached mane.


  • Their faces were red and weather-blasted below their white foreheads, the coarse hair on their round heads grown iron-gray and as stiff as the roached mane of a horse.

    Excerpt: Eventide by Kent Haruf

  • Hardware gets toasted or fried, software gets roached.

    O'Reilly Interviews Sternberg - The Panda's Thumb

  • Dark tufts sprouted from his back, spiked as the bristles that roached up on the spines of the growling mongrels.

    Excerpt: Shelter From The Storm by Michael Mewshaw

  • Esco was tall and thin with a tiny head and a great shock of dry grey hair which roached up to a point like the crest on a titmouse.

    Cold Mountain

  • The Indian, a middle-aged man with a bone in his roached hair, and an air of no-nonsense about him, took Roger by his own hair and tilted his head back and forth with a critical air.

    Drums of Autumn

  • Riley Caldwell, the young printer, rushed past her out of the shop, his roached hair like an

    Trail's End


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