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  • adj. Of a person so dumb that his or her intelligence is not appreciably distinguishable from that of a rock; having the quality or characteristic of being as dumb as a rock.


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  • I don't know what the hell Herbert Walker was thinking, but thanks to him virtually every two-bit elected potentate in the country now feels the need to demonstrate how compassionate they are by ceremonially commuting the death sentence of a rock-dumb bio-engineered growth hormone-enhanced 25lb. walking breast with feathers whose ancestors at some point in the distant past may have been real turkeys.

    Stop Pardoning Turkeys

  • The same goes for child-rearing, and the rock-dumb idea that a heterosexual couple is ipso facto better at raising children than homosexuals.

    Michael Conniff: Con Games: Ellen Marries McCain To Separate But Equal

  • In terms of usefulness this is up there with that rock-dumb sticker "I believe in dragons, fairies, good men and other imaginary creatures".

    Conservative vs Liberal


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