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  • n. A natural cave used as a temporary or permanent dwelling.


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  • Grief and the Goat Man peered straight down from a safe rock-shelter, three hundred feet above.


  • It was used as a rock-shelter mountain monastery from about the 5th century BC, with caves prepared and donated by devotees to the Buddhist Sangha.

    History of Sri Lanka

  • Isak had a hard time, with cold at nights, for a while; he tried burying himself in the hay under the rock-shelter, tried to bed down for himself with the cows.

    The Growth of the Soil

  • How Harelson landed in jail charged with attempted aggravated murder is a story that stretches back to 1980, when he first began illegally excavating Elephant Mountain Cave, a remote rock-shelter on government land in Nevada's Black Rock Desert.

    Cave Looter Solicits Murder

  • For his part, Harelson insists he dug only a "test hole" at the site in hopes that it would interest archaeologists in the rock-shelter.

    Cave Looter Solicits Murder

  • The skull and, in some cases, long bones are removed and placed in a family ancestral shrine, often on a ledge beneath an overhanging rock or in a rock-shelter or cave.

    Tsavo's Man-Eaters

  • Ancient human figures painted in the Linton rock-shelter in South Africa's Eastern Cape Province by ancestors of the San people have been incorporated in the country's new coat of arms.

    Celebrated Rock Art

  • A pathological human jaw from Bau de l'Aubesier, a rock-shelter in southeastern France, shows that early Neandertals cared for those who were incapacitated.

    Nurturing Neandertals

  • This conclusion prompted me to start a salvage excavation of the site, which we called the Lagar Velho rock-shelter after the ruin of an ancient olive-oil press at its entrance.

    Fate of the Neandertals

  • The student showed them a few small, red anthropomorphic figures in a style characteristic of the Copper Age (fourth and third millennia B.C.) painted on the back wall of a shallow rock-shelter on the north side of the valley.

    Fate of the Neandertals


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