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rocket launchers


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  • n. Plural form of rocket launcher.


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  • The attack was beaten off by Nebelwerfer rocket launchers and assault guns near Ariencourt.

    Panzer Aces

  • Of the guns available to him within the division alone, Romanov, with Samsonov's approval, allotted to 290th MRR (in addition to its own 18 mortars) the entire divisional artillery of fifty-four 122 mm Howitzers, and the 18 divisional rocket launchers — a grand barrage destined, therefore, to be largely shared among November and Oscar Companies of 3 RCR and the known artillery units supporting them.

    First Clash

  • Singer tossed aside the empty ShellBlaster, checked to make sure the escaping guards were unharmed — they were — then grabbed up an armful of the rocket launchers and ran for the next tower.

    Time Was

  • Stocking up on enough beads, cotton, and agricultural seed to draw the Equatorians into legitimate trade, and an arsenal of mountain guns and rocket launchers should they resist, he ordered six iron-hulled steamers, constructed in sections so they could be hauled over the Nile cataracts and assembled on the Lakes.

    Three Empires on the Nile

  • • Colonel Andrei Romanov would bring to bear the full strength of the Division's artillery with priority of effort allocated to 290th MRR - a weight in field guns which would amount to the 54 SP Howitzers plus 18 truck-borne BM21 rocket launchers each with forty 122 mm projectile tubes of the Division Artillery; the 18 towed 120 mm mortars and the

    First Clash

  • A massive fire of rifles, cannon, and rocket launchers stopped the Ansar’s first wave.

    Three Empires on the Nile


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