from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A strongly designed flat-bottomed boat from which Congreve rockets were formerly discharged during a naval bombardment.


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  • He was still ashamed of his collapse from the heat during the travel from the landed rocket-boat to the colony.

    Sand Doom

  • Over their heads at the other rocket-boat, I could see the gold-gleaming head of the girl I'd met on the ship.

    Lone Star Planet

  • For the ten thousandth time, Dard wished, as he strained his eyes, that somebody had thought to secure a pair of binoculars when they had abandoned the rocket-boat.


  • Winters followed autumns, and springtimes came again, and thus until the twentieth year after the landing of the rocket-boat.


  • Off to the left, the grass was burning in a wide circle around the crater left by the explosion of the rocket-boat.


  • They all turned to see one of the ship's rocket-boat bays open; a young Air


  • There was no sign of any rocket-boat in either side screen, and the rear-view screen was a blur of yellow flame from the jets.


  • One by one, they ran forward along the top of the rocket-boat, jumping down to the ground clear of the blaze.


  • "That was just the fuel-tank of a little Class-3 rocket-boat," he said.


  • Kalvar Dard and Seldar Glav grabbed the girls and literally threw them through the hatch, into the rocket-boat.



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