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  • n. Alternative form of rock face.


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  • They've been preserved by the collapse of the rockface above the cave, closing off what had been the prime canvas for the prehistoric artists and the cave bears and other animals that either preceded or succeeded them.

    Marshall Fine: HuffPost Review: Cave of Forgotten Dreams

  • They encounter a street that rises in front of them like a sheer rockface and, bracing a foot against it first, like Fred Astaire dancing around the walls in Royal Wedding, they proceed to walk straight upwards.


  • 'He said to my nephew in hospital that he was looking between some trees and there was a cliff face, and big lizards came out of the rockface of the cliff and they chased him and he ran into the forest and cut himself.

    Archive 2008-08-01

  • His fingertips felt the rough stone of the rockface and found handholds that would have eluded other men.

    DBTL 74: Enter the Dragon

  • And wasn't there a solo climber, sometime in the last few years, who got his arm caught, and after a couple of days stuck on the rockface, determined that the only way to get himself free before exposure took him was to cut the arm off?

    Making Light: A job like any other, a life like any other

  • As Kelly rows us alongside a steep rockface, with tiny crevices at the bottom where the current swirls by and fish are likely holding, Cheney perfectly sidearms a cast right into the pocket.


  • Then he threw the corpse over his shoulder and swarmed up the rockface with quite astonishing speed.


  • He was halfway down the sloping rockface when there was a flash of yellow, and almost before he had realized what had happened, the antelope was gone.


  • "It is there," Data insisted, searching for handholds on the steep rockface.

    The Beast That Resembles A Poem(A Handy Resource for Architects,Engineers, and Students)

  • Ceremonial designs transposed to permanent portable surfaces may alter the look of designs meant for sand, rockface and human bodies, but the cosmology remains intact and its content uninhibited.

    Aboriginal Painting, Gift and Cost


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