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  • n. An endless towel arranged to roll over a cylinder of wood bracketed to the wall, so that all parts of it may be conveniently used. Also called jack-towel and roller.


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  • My last view, he thought, will be of this damned roller-towel.

    Mortal Causes

  • General Sherman once stopped at a country home where a tin basin and roller-towel sufficed for the family's ablutions.

    More Toasts

  • Fallon finished drying his face upon the coarse roller-towel and turned toward the group who waited expectantly.

    The Promise A Tale of the Great Northwest

  • The cabinet-organ setting "catty-cornered" beside the roller-towel indicated the presence of womankind, and it indicated correctly, for out in the kitchen was Mrs. Alonzo Snow, and elsewhere about the hotel were her two lovely daughters, the Misses Violet and Rosie Snow, -- facetiously known as "the Snowbirds."

    The Man from the Bitter Roots

  • Everything's just the same as when I left -- except the clean roller-towel on the back of the door there -- that's new -- Well, I think I'll go to bed now.

    The Voyages of Dr. Dolittle

  • A sink, a dirty roller-towel, several chairs, and a wooden table completed the picture.

    Chapter 1

  • He bent forward over the bowl, and the cubicle echoed with sounds of splashing broken by gasps, splutters, and gurgles, until he straightened up, groped blindly for two yards or so of dark grey roller-towel ornamenting the adjacent wall, buried his face in its hospitable obscurity, and presently emerged to daylight with a countenance bright and shining above his chin, below his eyebrows, and in front of his ears.

    The Day of Days An Extravaganza

  • Big Jim never stopped to wipe his face on the roller-towel, he just let the wind dry it; and they all hustled on their horses fast as ever they could and beat it after Jap Kemp.

    A Voice in the Wilderness

  • During the six weeks of her life in Canaan, she had never once seen in this or any other household the least sign of any toilet appointments, except a tin basin at the pump, a roller-towel on the porch, and a small mirror in the kitchen.

    Tillie, a Mennonite Maid; a Story of the Pennsylvania Dutch

  • Every one washed at the pump and used the one family roller-towel hanging on the porch.

    Tillie, a Mennonite Maid; a Story of the Pennsylvania Dutch


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