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  • n. Plural form of rollie.


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  • (I remember getting calls from friends in London selling their 'rollies' (Rolls Royces) for $10,000, the equivalent, I suppose, of the famous photos of men selling apples in the street on Wall Street after the crash of 1929).

    Max Keiser: Scandinavians Arrange Emergency Funds to Keep Hedge Fund Pirates From Destroying Iceland

  • THE holy rollies are showing their high morel roots.

    SC Lt. Gov. to ask for Sanford's resignation

  • Place I was at yesterday they were smoking Old Holborn rollies.

    Lighting-up Time

  • I can hear him wheezing behind me, gears clicking, throat ruined from all those rollies and I slow down, reminding myself that he paid for my bike, but he starts chatting again and I can't take it.


  • Determined to show he’s a changed man, John has cut right back down on his drinking and has pledged to quit smoking rollies – two things that really annoyed Jennifer.

    Dear God, Is Jennifer Aniston Pregnant Now?

  • Much love to: Sabrina, queen of the hill and best momma cat ever; Rascal Tadpole, the most tolerable easy-going cat ever born, Teresa Earnhardt, for her endless rollies of happiness; Soldier, for his patience of waiting his turn; Suprise, Starr, and Peter for their endless kittenish antics, and Sheen and Magic for their uncanny hunting abilities.

    Cats « Fairegarden

  • We are a nation of Willie Lomans, dragging our rollies through acres of airport, going through life with a suitcase and a slack jaw, trying to get home after a long day of meetings, of moving product.

    The View From Gate 14

  • I would have liked a treatise on * how* and * why* the early church incorporated the pagan symbols, the historical hue-and-cry that arose from both sides over the appropriation, and the present-day deniability that certain born - agains, Pentecostals, and Holy Rollers (fundies, tonguies, and rollies, according to a friend of mine) have attached to these self - same symbols.

    Sunlight Through The Shadows Magazine Volume 2 Issue 2 (ANSI Edition)

  • What did they do, send him from Hendon to spend five years smoking rollies and living in a tent? - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph

  • If the amount of time Nick and I spend smoking rollies, complaining about our respective love lives and cackling at videos of cats doing amusing things on YouTube is anything to go by, being in one's early 20s can be a state of mind.

    The Guardian World News


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