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  • n. A fillet of herring, rolled and flavoured with sliced onion and spices then pickled in brine


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German Rollmops


  • This dry, wheaty and roasty creation with banana and vanilla flavours may not be the locals' choice, but it's a perfect accompaniment for the limited and simple food offerings, including boulette, potato salad, chilli, rollmop herring, Bockwurst and Knackerwurst.

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  • "Surprisingly good," said my friend of his rollmop herrings with onion and pickled cucumber - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph

  • "I don't like Ryanair, but at least their staff don't cost you thousands by threatening to strike over Christmas and forcing an expensive rebook," said rollmop.

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  • Soused Orkney herring and anya potato salad were chunks of rollmop artfully plopped on to new potatoes.

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  • Among the many other matters of interest in this bright little book: how the @ sign is named in different languages (it's a rollmop herring to the Czechs, an escargot to the French); the rock 'n' roll secrets of Rolling Stone magazine's big, shaded "R" and the Beatles' lowered "T"; the dark biographical stories behind designers of some of the cleanest-looking fonts (as with Eric Gill and his Gill Sans); how Gotham helped win the presidency in 2008 because it was "a type chosen consciously to suggest forward thinking without frightening the horses"; and the worst fonts in the world.

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  • Just throw in another red herring, or rollmop, yeah I know misplaced metaphor, but Pat’s initial musings, and the the follow ons all assume that the unit of measurement, time, was constant.

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