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  • noun A representation of Japanese in Latin script.


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From Japanese ローマ字 (rōmaji, "roman letters")


  • On the other hand nearly all Japanese mobile phones use kana-based input, and indeed a recent phone was advertising as a unique feature the ability to input in romaji and convert to kanji.

    Japanese senior computer and surfing habits: part 2 of 3

  • I didn’t know any Japanese when I arrived – I had a phrasebook and a self-introduction written out in romaji, and that was it.

    Mislaid in Translation « Gin&Comment

  • The words had to be vocalized and written out in the Roman alphabet (known as romaji in Japanese).

  • In romaji, meaning using the Roman alphabet to spell, one types “toukyou” on a standard QWERTY layout and presses the space bar to convert to kanji.

    Japanese senior computer and surfing habits: part 2 of 3

  • This takes the form of typing in the alphabetic phonetic equivalent of the Japanese (known as "romaji," roman characters), and then pressing space in order to convert the text entered into the system's best guess at the characters and word divisions intended. Antenna

  • Q3: When entering Japanese, do you use romaji or kana input?

    Japanese senior computer and surfing habits: part 2 of 3

  • Diddlefinger for the iPhone lets you look up a Japanese address using only romaji "English" then plot it using the Google Maps application that runs on your iPhone.

    Japanese Google Maps Round-Up

  • On the train, use in-car electronic signs (often in kanji, kana, and romaji), route diagrams, announcements in Japanese and sometimes English, platform signs at the stations you pass, and/or the map clutched in your sweaty paw to track your progress.

    9/4/07: How to take the train in Tokyo

  • Maybe I'll also write it out in romaji for non-Japanese studiers, that means writing it out in roman letters--the letters of our alphabet--so you can read it even if you don't read Japanese.

    writing and translating

  • Also, when Japanese words are written in Katakana, when put into romaji written english, they also carry over the “R” instead of an “L”.

    EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - PS3 controller spelling mistake.


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