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  • v. Bring under the authority or influence of Rome.
  • v. Make Roman or Roman Catholic in disposition.
  • v. To put letters or words written in another writing system into the Latin (Roman) alphabet.


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  • If we really want to pacify the country we need to, "romanize" it.

    Gamecock - A user blog

  • A Turk, Azeri or Central Asian may romanize this as Faruk Ömer Abdülmütellep or Abdulmutallap, with or without diacritics, with or without the final p instead of b … And then there are possible South Asian spellings, Malaysian ones, and then there are misspellings of all of the above.

    Matthew Yglesias » The Spelling Problem

  • As you point out, Japanese can romanize their names in either order.

    SERIAL 12: Kondo Katsusaburo among Taiwan's Atayal/Sedeq peoples, 1896 to 1930

  • Trying to romanize every Taiwanese language with one single system would be like trying to create a single mapping of letters to sounds that could correctly transcribe English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Dutch.

    Swearing and Clueless Taiwan Judges

  • No system can properly romanize every Taiwanese language, and none will.

    Swearing and Clueless Taiwan Judges

  • The first versions for many Chinese version were (poor) anglicizations; the communist government (whatever else their flaws) came up with a better way to romanize the names of their cities and hence you have pei-ching - beijing, tsingtao-qingdao, chungking-chongqing etc.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Burma or Myanmar?

  • Such a simple yet nostalgic meal. haha cantonese is so hard to romanize.

    Sichuan Hot Pot & the Chinese Ideology of "Hot Air"

  • Well, it seems to be fairly uncontraversially linguistically that once what we romanize as the h was a p in Japanese, but I've heard people have arguments over whether it had already shifted to the bilabial fricative by this period or not. CLASSICAL JAPANESE POETRY.

  • I need scarcely add that I have been at pains to verify the surprising and alarming accusations made by a clergyman against two other clergymen, and I earnestly request the publicity of your columns for what I venture to believe is positive proof of the dangerous conspiracy existing in our very midst to romanize the Established

    The Altar Steps

  • Other rites were altered in places, not to romanize but only to eradicate passages suspected of heresy.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 13: Revelation-Stock


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