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  • n. The act or process of romanticizing.
  • n. The result of such a process; a romantic treatment.

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  • n. the act of indulging in sentiment


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  • Students of the Jonathan Pollard case know that there is this absurd tendency towards romanticization of the noble leaker, when the reality is usually much more crass.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » End of an era?

  • "Nostalgie de la boue" means ascribing higher spiritual values to people and cultures considered "lower" than oneself, the romanticization of the faraway primitive which is also the equivalent of the lower class close to home ....

    Avatar--An Addendum

  • Despite a good deal of romanticization standing in for analysis, the report does have one intriguing, and well documented finding: that the plutonomies have low savings rates.

    Matthew Yglesias » Income Inequality and Low Savings Rate

  • Mr. Mordden is especially interesting when he explores how Prohibition helped open the doors for the romanticization of gangsters: If drinkers were all criminals, then why not consider criminals as mainstream — and successful criminals as stars?

    Reign of the Taste-Makers

  • Gone with the Wind is certainly a flawed film, but while it naked romanticization can be vexing to modern audience, it is hard to dismiss the film as anything short of a masterpiece (warts and all).

    Gone with the Wind 70th Anniversary Edition DVD - The Retroist

  • During the panel portion of the evening, Scheck opined that our predilection toward capital punishment was an extension of the still prevalent "eye-for-an-eye" mentality, while Lapham suggested that the American romanticization of the murderer as an outlaw and hero - from Clint Eastwood to GoodFellas to Tony Soprano to Boardwalk Empire - merely reinforces the notion of capital punishment as something heroic.

    Melissa Berkelhammer: Killing Time at the Lambs Club

  • I find this romanticization and fetishization of the royalist worldview alarming -- and even more alarming is that so few people seem disturbed by this at all.

    MIND MELD: What are the Most Controversial SF/F Novels of the Past & Present?

  • Joan Jacobs Brumberg, the feminist author of Fasting Girls: The History of Anorexia Nervosa, saw such “romanticization of anorexia” as deeply problematic, as did many of the most insightful feminist writers on the topic.

    Crazy Like Us

  • Rothstein lays out a series of rhetorical questions: But wouldn't a "late style" have some sense of irony about this romanticization of violence?

    Archive 2008-01-01

  • Perhaps this is a “conceit,” as you suggest (although I may not agree with the “New Left” tag), but I find that if there is indeed a “conceit” on the left, it tends toward the romanticization of radicalism and the reification of revolution.

    March « 2008 « Bill Ayers


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