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  • n. Plural form of romcom.


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  • All of the execrable 'romcoms' written by Richard Curtis rest largely on indecision where the protagonists can't decide if they are friends or lovers.

    Archive 2008-12-01

  • Anyway, we're not complaining because this meant we got a late-summer reminder of what a clever, addictive little treat this show has developed into after being lumped in with—and outlasting—lesser septet-centric romcoms like Perfect Couples and Mad Love last spring.

    Watercooler: Who Doesn't Love a Happy Ending(s)?

  • By contrast, romcoms today are to love what porn is to sex: plot-driven romances with some comedy thrown in.

    Emily Bracken: Romantic Comedies Are Dying Because Romance Is Dead

  • Once upon a time romcoms were so insightful as to the ephemeral nature of love that they earned Oscar awards.

    Emily Bracken: Romantic Comedies Are Dying Because Romance Is Dead

  • I would shoot straight to the teen romcoms rack, but the adjacent foreign movies section often caught my eye - offering extreme sexual content that my parents would never usually let me see, except this was foreign and therefore art.

    Claire Gordon: Browsing Is Dead

  • Attempts to become a film producer with his former partner Elizabeth Hurley foundered then failed at the end of the 1990s, while a series of romcoms opposite leading American actresses have failed to work the box office magic of his outings with Curtis in Notting Hill or Love Actually.

    Hugh Grant and Colin Firth, the screen's leading Englishmen at 50

  • Here are our 14 favorite teachings from the world of romcoms.

    The Frenemy: 14 Things We Learned From Romantic Comedies

  • Richard Gere was the last to pull it off during the early 80s, and by the 90s he was fairly well resigned to making crappy romcoms to keep his accountant happy, leaving a void for respectably handsome men in demanding dramatic roles.

    Top 10 Things Movies Taught Us In the 1990s » Scene-Stealers

  • In this new audio release he covers a lot of eclectic ground, from lowbrow staples like fatherhood and knob gags to more out-there ideas – at times you'll find him veering from exploring the inanity of Jennifer Aniston romcoms to theorising about the superpowers of Jesus.

    This week's new comedy

  • There is more provocative, intelligent, sharp entertainment in one episode of Nurse Jackie than in the past four romcoms rolled together and smoked after dinner.

    Julie Gray: Hollywood Needs a Revolution!


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