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  • n. A cellar or part of a cellar set apart for the storage of roots or tubers, as potatoes. Compare root-house, 2.


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  • The wall next to the stairs was connected to a disused root-cellar, fenced off by planks with large gaps full of darkness between them.

    The Achitecture of Fear

  • The stone-walled kitchen, too small for the number of people crowded into it, was ill-lit, with only two lanterns for the whole room, cramped and hot; in the inevitable confusion of dinner preparation it had been fairly simple for them to slip into the root-cellar to hide, then to lure individuals away and knock them out with a song of sleep.

    The Lark And The Wren

  • The first potato crop ever planted on Lallybroch was due for harvest within a few days, and-on my timorous and inexpert advice-a small root-cellar was being dug to house them.

    Dragonfly in Amber

  • The evidence of his work was hidden thirty feet beyond his former laboratory in Jake's village, with a tunnel that led from another root-cellar.

    Badge of Infamy

  • We killed hundreds of birds in order to save the corn and had good crops of wheat and oats and we also had a most remarkable yield of potatoes; so large in fact, that we had to build a root-cellar in the hillside out of logs.

    Old Rail Fence Corners The A. B. C's. of Minnesota History

  • Why should Mr. Crusoe want to go to the root-cellar?

    Virginia of Elk Creek Valley

  • As Mr. Crusoe rounded the farther corner of the porch, and started in the direction of the root-cellar, Vivian ran through the house and into Hannah's spotless kitchen.

    Virginia of Elk Creek Valley

  • In that hour she discovered that a finer courage is necessary to admit a mistake and to begin anew than to besiege a hobo in a root-cellar.

    Virginia of Elk Creek Valley

  • It belonged to the root-cellar just beyond the kitchen, and it hung in Mr. Hunter's office above his desk.

    Virginia of Elk Creek Valley

  • They asked question after question and explored every nook and corner of the cabin and its surroundings -- the kitchen with its shining stove, singing tea-kettle, and white-covered table, the pantry, the root-cellar and chicken-house, and last of all the creek-refrigerator.

    Virginia of Elk Creek Valley


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