roulette-wheel love


from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The paraphernalia of the game of roulette.


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  • And the click of the roulette-wheel has passed with the years that have departed.

    Reno — a Book of Short Stories and Information

  • This Rip Van Winkle of the past returns to find a city where he left a prairie town; a bank where he spun his roulette-wheel; this magnificent courthouse instead of a vigilance committee!

    Public Speaking

  • "All right, Hen, now we'll try out your roulette-wheel director-by-chance," Kinnison said, then went on, in answer to Thorndyke's questioning glance.

    Galactic Patrol

  • He had set up a shack where he operated a roulette-wheel and faro-bank, and was very much attached to the child.

    The Fifth Ace

  • I soon returned to the roulette-wheel, though why I played was as great a mystery to me as it was to the onlookers.

    Madeleine An Autobiography

  • He laughed as I told him of the auction of negro women, and explained that "seventeen and a black one" was a number on a roulette-wheel which had won.

    Madeleine An Autobiography

  • I learned that one of the big gambling-houses had a private room containing a roulette-wheel, and that women were admitted to this room.

    Madeleine An Autobiography

  • He missed his roulette-wheel, his constant companion through those years, his coins, and paper.

    Jacqueline of Golden River

  • So I went into the passage; and as I left the room I could still hear the hellish click of the ivory ball in the roulette-wheel.

    Jacqueline of Golden River

  • I heard Leroux tramp in and his voice mingling with the _click-click_ of the ball in the roulette-wheel.

    Jacqueline of Golden River


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