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  • n. A woman of lax morals.


round +‎ heels? (Wiktionary)


  • She would have "roundheels" which meant that she would tip over backwards easily and "give it all up" easily.

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  • *** She would have "roundheels" which meant that she would tip over backwards easily and

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  • In her day, Barbara Walters was a roundheels, a home-wrecker, and a two-timer, which ought to have made for great copy, but reading about these events was as off-putting as having your own mother tell you about the first time she reached orgasm.

    The Uses of Enchantment

  • The finished canvas reminded me a little of those noir paperback covers I used to see back when I was a kid, the ones that always featured some roundheels dame headed for hell.

    Duma Key

  • Though willing to go along with the usage roundheels on permitting that redundancy, I hang tough on semantics: The meaning of the hoi polloi should remain “the masses,” or in less-Marxist-sounding terms, “ordinary folk.”

    No Uncertain Terms

  • "Martha turned into some sort of art prodigy and Madeleine turned into a roundheels, which I guess you already know."

    White Jazz

  • Her mother's such a compulsive roundheels, jumps anything with a - In pants.

    Devil's Waltz

  • By gorry Father would have been right, roundheels really exists, and it lives in Maine.

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  • Because your husband has to accompany you everywhere since he's so jealous and your such a roundheels. - News

  • “Ellis, if this babe is a roundheels, I wouldn’t be sendin’ in a seminary boy to work her.

    The Big Nowhere


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