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  • n. The small spherical fruits of the rowan or European rowan (Sorbus aucuparia), a species of rowan (Sorbus subgenus Sorbus), native to most of Europe except for the far south, and northern Asia; the fruits are bitter and inedible if uncooked, but may be used in the making of jellies and jams.

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  • n. decorative red berrylike fruit of a rowan tree


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  • One of these days I must get around to trying rowanberry jelly.

    Hips and haws

  • When the burdocks rustle in the ravine and the yellow-red rowanberry cluster droops

    Oh, to live simply a/k/a How to be happy when a bird totals your jet plane

  • It had been an enchanted place where they ate roast lamb flavored with rosemary and rowanberry pudding and flummery—the best kind, with nutmeg and cream.

    The Sea of Trolls

  • Only one thing was clear - that Poligraph had left at dawn wearing cap, scarf and overcoat, taking with him a bottle of rowanberry brandy from the sideboard.

    The Heart Of A Dog

  • But this elegant girl, educated by governesses and teachers, was a stranger to them; they could not understand her, and they instinctively kept closer to "Auntie," who called them by their names, continually pressed them to eat and drink, and, clinking glasses with them, had already drunk two wineglasses of rowanberry wine with them.

    The Party

  • Golf is a thoroughly national game; it is as Scotch as haggis, cockie - leekie, high cheekbones, or rowanberry jam.

    Lost Leaders

  • Passengers on domestic and European short-haul traffic will be offered rowanberry sweets.

    India eNews

  • She had jars of last year’s rowanberry jelly to sell at Ludnigrad, and she was certain she could see the bus on the horizon.


  • Serve with rowanberry jelly on the side (or cranberry or redcurrant jelly if you can’t get rowanberry), and mashed potatoes and a vegetable, possibly green beans with sliced boiled chestnuts or something along those lines.

    Half-Pekinged Goose with Wild Rice-Chipotle Stuffing | Diane Duane's weblog: "Out of Ambit"

  • (Our own St. Patrick’s day menu for our restaurateur friend in Basel, when we go over there to cook it next year, includes crown roast of rowanberry-and-red-wine-glazed Wicklow lamb with three champs — roasted garlic/clotted cream, spinach/nutmeg, and saffron/sweet potato: an edible Irish tricolor.)

    Designer grits | Diane Duane's weblog: "Out of Ambit"


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