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  • adv. In a rowdy manner.

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  • adv. in a rowdy manner


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

rowdy +‎ -ly


  • And in the silence that followed, a blue-bottle fly buzzed rowdily against an adjacent window-pane, with occasional loud bumps against the glass tokening that he too had his tragedy, a prisoner pent by baffling transparency from the bright world that blazed so immediately beyond.


  • When my moose-meat spluttered rowdily in the frying-pan, I noticed old Ebbits's nostrils twitch and distend as he caught the food-scent.


  • The beans bubbled rowdily on the front lid, and he pushed the pot back to a cooler surface.


  • But Tunisians, complaining that the prime minister was too close to the old regime and lacked commitment to the reforms he had promised, had taken to the streets again, this time more rowdily, hurling rocks at shops as well as police as they vented their frustration at the slow pace of change.

    Pressure for more change builds across Arab world

  • Many a night he could be seen spraying water rowdily up at the sky as though trying to put out the moon and all the stars.

    ronald baatz | the elephants and everybody else « poetry dispatch & other notes from the underground

  • She taught me chinga, and they all helped me work on my accent, laughing rowdily, until the bell rang.


  • Meanwhile, construction workers halt their heavy lifting to line the streets, some of them waving and shouting rowdily.

    Archive 2009-05-04

  • Only one was whistling and rowdily applauding the act.


  • Anyway, so I am feeling joyful and pretty high about life, even with my period (yay!) - to the extent that I get a little loopy and start counting roundabouts (in foreign languages no less!) and singing rowdily in my little car.

    sheepdip Diary Entry

  • GREENFIELD: But I do just quickly want to go back to the most pungent line that Colin Powell offered when he said -- he attacked some in our party who loudly and rowdily condemned affirmative action that helped a few thousand black kids get an education but hardly a whimper was heard over affirmative action for lobbyists who load our tax codes with preferences for special interest.

    CNN Transcript - Special Event: Republican National Convention: Laura Bush, Gen. Colin Powell Address Delegates - July 31, 2000


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