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  • n. The act of slowing down whilst driving a vehicle, in order to see the scene of an accident.
  • n. Generally, any act of observation in a manner considered unduly overt or otherwise unseemly.
  • v. Present participle of rubberneck.


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  • But perhaps this is what makes for such great literature -- the same energy experienced in rubbernecking at an auto wreck and recounting the horrors at a dinner party the following week; no need to work on the first response team, or in the O.R., because we, as readers and writers, like to keep our distance while pretending to understand.

    When Reality Intrudes

  • Clearly she isn’t making these decisions from some “selfless” desire to make the world a better place, but instead to milk everything she can out of it while people are still interested in rubbernecking over her failed political life.

    Sarah Palin's meteoric media rise: What's her biggest moment? |

  • Well, the boffins reckon it's related to the "rubbernecking" concept - the process whereby you try and drive by an accident without having a shufti but "our emotions of concern, fear and curiosity cause us to stare out the window at the accident and slow to a crawl as we drive by"...

    "Porn makes you bind" - distractions distract...

  • But what is clear is the "rubbernecking" that this story is causing as if people are watching some roadside disaster.

    The Full Feed from

  • I have to watch once in a while because its like rubbernecking at an accident; you cant turn away and cannot believe what you are seeing.

    CNN Poll: Americans mostly agree with Obama on Afghanistan

  • Yet being in Davos in between the rubbernecking, schmoozing and speculation, one can't help but muse about the process of coming of age, or - as Wikipedia describes it - Mann's exploration of ''art, culture, politics, human frailty, and love'' that he set here.

    Man(n)'s Magic Contradictions

  • It came like a Buick from the sky but it was on fire or close enough, hot anyway, blistering white and maybe even velour in places, its rocket engine disturbing the neighborhood at a molecular level, at an emotional level, the individual blades of grass in the lawns rubbernecking it in small imitation of the men, who have the beer and the cigarettes and the vocabulary of denial.

    365 tomorrows » 2009 » July : A New Free Flash Fiction SciFi Story Every Day

  • Roadside rubbernecking is passive when compared to folks who brazenly turn up at the scene of a crime or a tragedy and therefore participate somehow.

    Todd Greene: Irene In New York and Natural Disaster Rubbernecking

  • It's not just that ESPN, whose spokesman Mike Soltys confirmed Sunday that the network would hire Millen for NFL analysis and college games, will get somebody who'll create a buzz — including from his detractors, who won't be able to stop themselves from rubbernecking.

    Millen doesn't deserve banishment from football broadcast lineup

  • For all the moral panic, this drama was much better handled than the brazen rubbernecking that went on inside Joanna Yeates's home.

    Joanna Yeates' last days and an intrusion too far | Barbara Ellen


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