from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A pile of rubbish; a mass of worthless or rejected material.


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  • As he had howled, in his puppy days, when he fled back from the Wild to the village to find it vanished and naught but a rubbish-heap to mark the site of Grey

    The Long Trail

  • Even O'Neale's epiphany that Protestantism is just a "monstrous, ever-changing chaos of sectarian contradiction" 249 echoes Protestant claims that Catholicism is just one vast rubbish-heap of irreconcilable arguments.

    The Biblicals

  • Every literature, as it grows old, has its rubbish-heap, its record of vanished moments and forgotten lives told in faltering and feeble accents that have perished.

    The Common Reader, Second Series

  • The other sprang up, swore, and aimed a boot, which he had been vainly trying to put on the wrong foot, at a bottle that protruded from the rubbish-heap.

    Maurice Guest

  • And should the poor little woman who bore his name become a drag on him, she would be tossed on to the rubbish-heap with the rest.

    Australia Felix

  • Quitting the house by the back door, he went past the kitchen, the woodstack, the rubbish-heap, a pile of emptied kerosene-tins, the pigsties (with never a pig in them), the fowls sitting moping in the shrinking shade.

    Ultima Thule

  • My husband lies on the rubbish-heap this morning, but before night the boy in the house will lie very still.

    The Greatest Survival Stories Ever Told

  • The news of Nag's death was all over the garden, for the sweeper had thrown the body on the rubbish-heap.

    The Greatest Survival Stories Ever Told

  • Cadfael doubted if the man they guarded was to be found in the house itself, for unless he was blindfolded he would be able to gather far too much knowledge of his surroundings, and the fable of the masterless men would be tossed into the rubbish-heap.

    A Rare Benedictine

  • The two crept over the lawn, up the kitchen-garden, and round past the big rubbish-heap.

    The Mystery of the Disappearing Cat


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