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  • noun measles


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[From Latin, neuter pl. diminutive of rubeus, red; see reudh- in Indo-European roots.]


  • - Also called rubeola and morbilli, it is one of the commonest childhood infectious exanthems.

    Chapter 13

  • All my brothers, sisters and cousins contracted and survived measles, either rubella or rubeola.

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • Rh factor rheumatic fever right brain rigor mortis root rubella rubeola

    22. Medicine and Health

  • RUBEOLA and scarlet-fever, will deny that the remarks which we have offered concerning this latter disease, likewise apply to rubeola.

    Apis Mellifica or, The Poison of the Honey-Bee, Considered as a Therapeutic Agent

  • "Have you had any experience with rubeola?" she queried finally.

    The Bat

  • "Young man, urticaria is hives, rubeola is measles, and alopecia is baldness!" she thundered.

    The Bat

  • Even if a child survives the measles (rubeola), it may leave them blind or visually impaired. Latest stories

  • After all, wouldn't you rather listen to a lie and let your children suffer polio, rubella, rubeola, mumps, hepatitis B, the whooping cough, varicella, variola, and so on?

    Bad Astronomy

  • This world is thick with De Boursy-Williamses, throwing in bromides with a liberal hand, ungrudging of strychnine, happily at home with quinine and cathartics, ready at a case of simple rubeola; hideously, secretly, helplessly perplexed between the false diphtheria and the true; treating internal cancer and fibrous tumours as digestive derangements for happy, profitable years, until the specialist comes by, and dissipates with a brief examination and with half a dozen trenchant words the victim's faith in the quack.

    The Dop Doctor


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