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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of ruck.


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  • I either did nothing at all, or when I was told it wasn't my business, I shut up, rucked up, and moved on.

    Habiiti Dawo Ga'an, Habi'do'atiil

  • The land was dry and rucked up like a blanket, with a sparse sprinkling of trees.

    Crimson Wind

  • Then we rucked up and headed out, thanking Armando for his hospitality.

    TEOTWAWKI: The Long Walk Home, Ch. 11, “Food & Lodging” « Mark12ministries’s Weblog

  • The case rucked where it had cradled his head, bearing the sunken contours from the downward pressure.

    Death Masking Love

  • Although the shirt, when she had put it on, had reached almost to her knees, it was now rucked up clear to the tops of her thighs.


  • Her shirt is rucked up to just under her breasts and the pads of his fingers are absently drawing designs on her stomach.

    Another Fic Update

  • I rucked his shirt down off his shoulders, slamming the door on my brain, which warned that I was making a huge mistake.


  • “Stay rucked up, keep putting your left foot in front of your right foot.”

    Obama’s Wars

  • He returned the badge case to the inside pocket of his sport coat, then reached down to offer a helping hand to a healthy-looking brunette corpse lying on the floor with her skirt rucked up high on her shapely thigh.


  • She was in a stone room whose central focus was a large, four-poster bed, its velvet coverlet now rucked and hanging sideways where she had dragged it off the mattress.

    Clockwork Angel


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