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  • adj. formed like and serving like a rudder


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  • -The owner has jury rigged an auxiliary rudder-like steering mechanism

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  • I wonder how long we will have to wait for emergence of the auxiliary rudder-like steering mechanism mounted brake lever ARLSMMBL

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  • Its sharp eye always gleaming and on the alert, the goshawk sweeps over fields and woods, changing its course in an instant by a slight movement of its rudder-like tail whenever any desired prey is sighted.

    Harper's Young People, February 24, 1880 An Illustrated Weekly

  • The Road-Runner tilted his long rudder-like tail, flattened his crested head until it reminded them of a wicked snake, and suddenly made up his mind to be friendly.

    The Trail Book

  • The rudder-like oar, several feet long, is held by the captain, who sculls and steers at the same time.

    The Land of the Long Night

  • By the guidance of his rudder-like tail the hawk soon turned, and flew round to that side of the tree on which the squirrel had now settled.

    The Boy Hunters

  • Students heard about the peregrine falcon's flight speeds that top 200mph because of its unique third eye lid, and owls 'unique rudder-like tails - which contributed to Nasa designs.


  • The rudder-like rear wheel with variable tension gives the rider the freedom to drift in and out of turns, zip around corners, execute lightning-quick 180 degree turns and adjusts to their skill level.


  • An otter's feet are strongly webbed and the tail is long and rudder-like. - News

  • The flying dinosaur, about the size of a Canada goose, had a large, thin rudder-like sail on its head ...

    Red Ice Creations


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