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  • n. Plural form of rudder.


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  • Wires H, H, connected as shown by dotted line, operate automatically, as one end of the plane is depressed the other is elevated, as shown in drawing. secured upon an entirely different principle from that of complainant; the defendants 'aeroplanes are curved, firmly attached to the stanchions and hence are incapable of twisting or turning in any direction; that the supplementary planes or so-called rudders are secured to the forward stanchion at the extreme lateral ends of the planes and are adjusted midway between the upper and lower planes with the margins extending beyond the edges; that in moving the supplementary planes equal and uniform angles of incidence are presented as distinguished from fluctuating angles of incidence.

    Flying Machines: Construction and Operation

  • Immediate goals involve replacing traditional control devices such as rudders and elevator flaps with seamless wings that are more fuel-efficient and lightweight to begin with.

    Big Flap Over Future Flight

  • Those materials have long been used on individual parts such as rudders, and on military planes, but the 787 is the most ambitious use of the technology aboard a passenger plane.

    WISTV - Local News RSS

  • The 650ft hulls were distorted by the turbulence and, with men struggling to hold the rudders, the Zeppelins were forced off course.

    Weatherwatch: How England was saved from the Super-Zeppelins

  • Chinese ships of the period had rudders attached to their sterns - an Eastern innovation that took centuries to reach Europe.

    Jim Luce: Khubilai Khan's Lost Fleet Found in Japan

  • Steering meant diving headfirst, extending your toes, pulling your arms to your sides, and using your feet as rudders.

    Gideon’s war

  • Unlike traditional flight control systems that connect external surfaces like ailerons, rudders and elevators directly to the yokes and rudder pedals in the cockpit, fly-by-wire systems send electrical signals to various controls, instead of a direct mechanical connection.

    Four Killed as Gulfstream Jet Crashes

  • The glider's wings and rudders use the ocean's up-and-down motion to move the device.

    Where Data Depend on Catching a Wave

  • Four dancers streamed across the stage; delicately curled fingers thrummed the air and trailed dancers like rudders, while bowed knees and arms, kept akimbo, wheeled sharpened postures into rounded movements at one with the score.

    A Shining Study in Vision

  • A man, reading a newspaper, had just started up at the sight of the returning pigeon, when be heard the burr of Winn's engine and saw the huge monoplane, with all surfaces set, drop down upon him, stop suddenly on an air-cushion manufactured on the spur of the moment by a shift of the horizontal rudders, glide a few yards, strike ground, and come to rest not a score of feet away from him.

    Winged Blackmail


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