from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • To wrinkle; pucker; draw up into gathers, folds, or plaits.
  • To disorder; disturb the arrangement of; rumple; derange; disarrange; make uneven by agitation: as, ruffled attire; ruffled hair.
  • To disturb the surface of; cause to ripple or rise in waves.
  • To throw together in a disorderly manner.
  • To disquiet; discompose: agitate; disturb; annoy; vex: as, to ruffle the spirits or the temper.
  • To furnish or adorn with ruffles: as, to ruffle a shirt.
  • To get irritated, angry, or fretted.
  • To be in disorder; be tossed about; hence, to flutter.


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  • JHC says: dubs, predicament 1: back to sleep preDICKament 2: slip her one dose of ruffie and put the dub moves on her. repeat as neccessary to achieve desired results


  • I remember eating jumbo shrimp, ruffie, red fish and flounder for dirt cheap.

    Japanese Snack Review: Tamagogani “Meisauki” | The Anime Blog

  • STALLONE: So I tell people, when they buy these diet books, and they see like, "Seven Days," and it's orange ruffie (ph), and then take Laughing Cow string cheese to work with you, and have that at 2: 00 -- you're not going to have it.

    CNN Transcript May 14, 2005

  • I was just happy to have finally flushed a ruffie in shooting range. rss feed

  • Or slip them a ruffie or something so they're knocked out.

    Home Theater Forum

  • She hunted good and pure for the first hour or so but this was not my bush ranger of old who would scour a hazelnut thicket uncompromisingly until it yielded its secreted ruffie.

    Edmonton Sun

  • Her spectrum ruffie Puzzle and his trusty side kick Piece

    Popular in the last 8 hours

  • As then, she's still one mean slag who'll slip a ruffie in your diet Mr. Pibb if she thinks blowing a rank oil field worker will help her afford the latest nail polish color at the Kut-n-Kurl.

    Comments for

  • Luncheons at Michael's include clam chowder for 70 cents, atifado for $3.95 and orange ruffie for $3.95. Local News

  • December 7th, 2007 at 11: 53 am wwbd says: so i met this chick with the biggest chi’chi’s ive ever seen one time. she had a totally banging body* and she pulled off that bulma hair due really good too. long story short: i slipped her a ruffie bought her a drink, took her back to my crib, and dragon ball z’D her all night.



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