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  • v. Present participle of ruinate.


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  • When a boar is thirsty, he drinks what will serve him, and no more; and when his belly is full, ceaseth to eat: but men are immoderate in both, as in lust — they covet carnal copulation at set times; men always, ruinating thereby the health of their bodies.

    Anatomy of Melancholy

  • "It's not threescore and tin or any fine thing like that, it is only a blaguard dhraggin, that is disturbin 'the counthry and ruinating my tinanthry wid aitin' their powlthry, and I'm lost for want of eggs," says the king.

    Half-Hours with Great Story-Tellers

  • We may consider also the inordinat outrages of princes, & their frantike fiersenes, who esteeme not the losse of their subiects liues, the effusion of innocent bloud, the population of countries, the ruinating of ample regions, &c.: so their will may be satisfied, there desire serued.

    Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland (2 of 6): England (4 of 12) Stephan Earle Of Bullongne

  • "You have seen enough of the fishes for one morrow," returned Barbara relentlessly; "and if the fishes could see you, they should cry shame upon you for ruinating of your raiment by the damp grass."

    Clare Avery A Story of the Spanish Armada

  • And here's Mrs. Cruncher, or leastways wos in the Old England times, and would be to-morrow, if cause given, a floppin 'again the business to that degree as is ruinating -- stark ruinating!

    A Tale of Two Cities

  • Yet somebody must have dropped this bewildering — this ruinating vellum-case and portrait.

    Vicissitudes in Genteel Life

  • Church tri - and foure thoufand, and their gates three, the gate of Gad one, uraphantillu - the gate of Afcr one, the gate of Nephthali one. f Round 35 ruinating and aDolK eightene thoufand: and the name of the citie from that glorifying it, .. r\ t j l foreueranJ day, •• Our Lord there. euer.

    The Holie Bible : faithfully translated into English, out of the authentical Latin. Diligently conferred with the Hebrew, Greeke, and other editions in divers languages ...

  • And that after this most nooningless knockturn the young reine came down desperate and the old liffopotamus started ploring all over the plains, as mud as she cud be, ruinating all the bouchers’ schurts and the backers’ wischandtugs so that be the chandeleure of the Rejaneyjailey they were all night wasching the walters of, the weltering walters off.

    Finnegans Wake


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