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  • n. A dance of Cuban origin, combining complex footwork with a pronounced movement of the hips.
  • n. A modern ballroom adaptation of this dance.
  • n. Music for this dance or in this style.

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  • n. a slow-paced Cuban partner dance in 4:4 time
  • v. To dance the rumba.

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  • n. syncopated music in duple time for dancing the rumba
  • n. a ballroom dance based on the Cuban folk dance
  • v. dance the rhumba
  • n. a folk dance in duple time that originated in Cuba with Spanish and African elements; features complex footwork and violent movement


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

American Spanish, from Spanish rumbo, ship's course, revelry, pomp; see rhumb.


  • Mr. P é rez Firmat suggests that one attraction of the rumba was that it was less threatening than, say, Argentina 's overtly seductive tango: Smooth rather than sultry, the rumba is a dance of courtship, not possession.

    When Cuba Invaded America

  • Mr. SANABRIA: Right well this is - in Cuban music, it's what we call a rumba arietta (ph), an open rumba.

    A Master on a Masterwork: Machito's 'Kenya'

  • He retired on his Social Security to fish and golf inFloridaand enrolled in rumba classes where he took up with a Cuban divorcée twenty years his junior.

    I Never Was

  • Kurt's dance partner, Anna Trebunskaya, explains to the happy couple that the rumba is a "dance of love," a "whole conversation: Do I want to?

    'Dancing with the Stars' Week 4: We watch so you don't have to

  • The rumba is a lot different from the jive, obviously.

    Dancing's Derek Hough: Ricki Is Not Obsessed with Kirstie Alley

  • The rumba is my favorite dance, I even wrote a post during the last season of DTWS about my love for the rumba.

    Archive 2008-04-01

  • Penelope Katampe, injuring her face and causing extensive bruising during an April 3 argument at Chez Ntemba, a popular Lusaka rumba bar.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • "In the rumba, which is a sensual dance, you work your hips a lot," says Peri Rogovin, owner of 3rd Street Dance in Los - News

  • Evan was dancing the rumba, which is supposed to be slow and romantic; Nicole was dancing the tango, which is supposed to be more upbeat. Featured Content

  • The rumba was a difficult number to train for because there has to be some vibe and energy for that romantic connection to be there.

    E! Online (US) - Top Stories


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