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  • v. Present participle of rustproof.


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  • Other displays focus on how Toyota's car technologies have been applied to houses, including a rustproofing process that preserves the house's steel structure for decades; a device to quiet engines that can help damp vibrations from foot traffic on the upper floors; and a single key that can be coded to open both the owner's Toyota car and Toyota home.

    Toyota Throws More Weight

  • Quebec roadsalt required replacement of the gas petrol tank on my first two, but rust has not otherwise been a major problem; nevertheless, I have tried rustproofing the most recent one.

    SLACKERJACK – Check Out My Subaru

  • A company specializing in undercarriage rustproofing for cars can add protective products for other car parts such as the interior fabric or the exterior paint.

    The Rule of Three

  • Metal digesters and gas storage tanks can be made with the same types of metal that water tanks are made of and by the same welding shops that make water tanks. e All surfaces must be painted with asphalt or other rustproofing paint, and the outside surfaces should be painted with black enamel paint in addition to the rustproofing paint.

    Chapter 15

  • Even the first coat of rustproofing has been reformulated so that it is one-hundredth as thick as - and thereby cheaper than - the coating on other cars. - Home Page

  • Fuller earned a 22 per cent commission from the sales and extras such as extended warranties and rustproofing, Watson said.


  • Included in the deal were many outrageous extras: $2,500 for a BMW grill that normally sells for $995, and $1,000 each for rustproofing, fabric guarding and undercoating.


  • (Racing stripe and rustproofing not included with fax.)

    Crooks and Liars

  • The McGuire's owners have identified corrosion of steel reinforcing cables in the building's concrete slabs as the biggest structural defect and attributed the problem to inadequate rustproofing.

    The Seattle Times

  • He sounded like President Goodwrench in the Grand Foyer of the White House, offering everything but free rustproofing should you purchase "one of the finest cars the world has ever known," and which you will be able to get serviced and repaired just like always. - News


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