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  • n. A Christian belief which holds that God the Father and God the Son are one in the same, the latter often being termed Patripassianism in that it implies God the Father personally suffered on the Cross.


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From Sabellius +‎ -ism, after Sabellius.


  • This was a comprimise position, in that it was sufficiently vague for people to continue using the same basic language while intending different things; thus some of these "semi-arians" were in fact orthodox in their beliefs about Christ, but for comprimise 'sake or due to some distaste for the choice of wording used by their more uncomprimising brethren, avoided the language of "one essence" which at the time could also itself sound like a throw back to the heresy of "sabellianism"


  • I take it that he means that there will be refugees from the constant retrogression into gnostic sabellianism or neo-arianism, and they will naturally find their way into more traditional communities.

    Second Terrace


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