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  • n. Alternative form of sahib.


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  • Gangotri goondaism haji saheba harijan hartal - closing of shops and work stoppage, especially as a sign of political protest imam (Imam saheb) ji kakaji - uncle kavad - two baskets or vessels suspended from the ends of a stick carried horizontally over the shoulders


  • "It is a trick with some snakes and a crocodile" said our friend "and if the saheb will sit down with the memsaheb, and will call the orderly, I will show it now."

    Indian Conjuring

  • As soon as it becomes known that the new saheb from

    Behind the Bungalow

  • Nor is the ayah forgotten, for the ayah has access to the madam, and by that route certain shameful matters affecting a rival candidate will reach the saheb.

    Behind the Bungalow

  • Alas! before the mem saheb has been many weeks in the house, the change of air begins to disagree with him -- not with his body, but with his spirit, and though he may bear up against it for a time, he sooner or later asks leave to go to his country.

    Behind the Bungalow

  • Why could not so liberal and large-minded a saheb remain unmarried, and continue to cast the shadow of his benevolence on those who were so happy as to eat his salt, instead of taking to himself a madam, under whom there is no peace night or day?

    Behind the Bungalow

  • Not that we may know the language of the people, for it is matter of daily observation, that of all the mysteries which perplex the humble mind of the country bumpkin in this land, causing him to scratch his -- well, not his head -- there is none which he gives up as hopeless sooner than the strange sounds addressed to him by the young saheb who has just passed his higher standard.

    Behind the Bungalow

  • He provides himself with a more magnificent cumberbund, enlarges the border of gold thread on his puggree, and furbishes up his English that he may converse pleasantly with mem saheb.

    Behind the Bungalow

  • By far the best way out of the difficulty is to accept your relative position, and tell him blandly that when you are a commissioner saheb, or a commander-in-chief, he shall be your head butler.

    Behind the Bungalow

  • They only conclude that you are not an asl, or born, saheb, and rejoice that at any rate you cannot take away their right to do obeisance to you.

    Behind the Bungalow


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