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  • n. a militant group of extremist Sunnis who believe themselves the only correct interpreters of the Koran and consider moderate Muslims to be infidels; seek to convert all Muslims and to insure that its own fundamentalist version of Islam will dominate the world


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  • United in their opposition to the radical salafism of the Taliban, in mid-July the two nations signed a host of bilateral pacts, including pledges to jointly cooperate on stabilizing Afghanistan.

    Cameron's Afghan Challenge

  • Thus began the legacy of ultra-conservative Saudi Wahhabist dogma that ended up molding the mind of one Osama bin Laden with help from Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, who were welcomed by the Saudi Monarch to preach their combination of salafism and jihad, which the Saudis themselves would later come to regret.

    Michael Hughes: The Stupidity of Saudi Senior Clerics

  • He ignores the central need for Muslims to defeat Wahhabism, salafism and other pre-modern draconian manifestations of the faith which dominate so much of the power structure of the "Muslim world".

    M. Zuhdi Jasser: A Post-"Muslim World", Muslim World

  • Not so according to Hariri and the founder of salafism in Lebanon, sheikh Dai al-Islam al-Shahhal (who happens to be a cousin of the other sheikh).

    Lebanon: The Memorandum of Understanding���or Controversy?

  • The emergence of Fatah al-Islam in Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, "the infestation of al-Qaida-type salafism," which has already reached Gaza Strip, according to Khalidi, and the wide-spreading attraction of the one-state or bi-national state option among the Palestinians, as an alternative for the two-state solution for the Palestinian Israeli conflict, are manifestations of the deteriorating influence of the national movement led by both the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and "Hamas."

    Palestinians Trapped at Crossroads

  • The fact that it attacks a profoundly illiberal religious practice, salafism, is in my view irrelevant ...

    John Terry’s sacking as England captain tells us something interesting...

  • Not as much editorial control as I'd like, but solid people who don't think salafism is great .

    Now, what's the right way to fix a baby's hair?

  • They claim rising salafism the Saudi sort of islam..but without violence..but get this...

    Archive 2007-10-01

  • IIIb. islamic fundamentalism sunni muslim brotherhood wahhabism/salafism The Muslim Brotherhood, or Al Ikhwan Wahhabism/Salafism are terms used Al Muslimeen is a transnational Sunni interchangeably to refer to a particular movement, with no particular ideological brand of Islam.

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  • "Islamic fundamentalism" -- both of which terms confer upon jihadi salafism a sense of legitimacy and long-time history which I do not believe it deserves.



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