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  • n. The prayer sessions held five times daily; one of the five pillars of Islam

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  • n. the second pillar of Islam is prayer; a prescribed liturgy performed five times a day (preferably in a mosque) and oriented toward Mecca


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From Arabic صلاة (ṣalāa), from Classical Arabic صلوة.


  • :) Moreover, when doing salat at home, my wife and I will often pray together; we're just careful to avoid touching each other until after salat is over.

    Regarding "Progressive" Islam, Covering, and Gender Segregation During Salat

  • From workplaces across the country, the faint voice of a muezzin can be heard calling salat al dhuhr, the afternoon prayers.


  • I found myself as a walk-on character in his third Star Risk novel, a "salat" teacher named "Stiff Perr."

    Archive 2006-08-01

  • The word in Arabic for prayer is "salat," and it means "connection."


  • Or how Desis keep the ta marbuta on words such as salat, zakat, niyyat, Farhat.

  • Come before or after the Friday salat (around 1pm) to avoid any awkwardness.

    Flatiron Lunch: Chandni Brings the Halal Heat | Midtown Lunch - Finding Lunch in the Food Wasteland of NYC's Midtown Manhattan

  • And indeed — though I now know that Allah is everywhere and in all things — there were times when the distance between Allah and I seemed so great, so impassable, that I thought my prayers at salat were lost in the hell-red, befouled city sky, diverted from Mecca and stolen by nefarious djinn.

    The Parable of the Spider

  • A mosque, or masjid, is literally any place where Muslims make salat, the prayer performed in the direction of Mecca; it needn't be a building.

    Five myths about mosques in America

  • The stately, century-old, large white-and-blue basin was for salat olivye, the fabled Russian potato salad with bologna, sour pickles, onions, boiled carrots, hard-boiled eggs, and green peas drowning in mayonnaise.

    Peace Meals

  • But some of it—the famous borsch, or the decadent solyanka, or the beloved salat olivye—I can re-create quite easily.

    Peace Meals


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