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  • n. A drug with analgesic and antipyretic properties, its medicinal uses being similar to those of aspirin.

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  • n. The yellowish crystalline amide, C6H4(OH).CONH2, of salicylic acid. It is made by treating oil of wintergreen with concentrated ammonia. It has an acid reaction, is easily hydrolyzed to salicylic acid and ammonia, and melts at 139.9° C.


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salicyl +‎ amide


  • In addition, the report presents a preliminary draft of the human amniotic fluid metabolome from women with PTL that shows biochemical intermediates of human metabolism as well as xenobiotics such as salicylamide and bacterial products can be measured in human amniotic fluid.

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  • Do significantly relieve it in lower amounts, or risks to tylenol pm it for together than recommended by your doctor., aspirin, salicylamide), are checked in these coughs to instruct relieve medicine and brain pain.



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