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  • n. The act of salinizing, or the state of being salinized.
  • n. The addition of salt or brine.


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  • Water tables are dropping and salinization is having a devastating impact on the productivity of the land.

    Dialogue on Emerging Food Systems

  • Malnutrition is a crucial contributing factor to the impact of disease and is linked to land management and productivity, which in turn are related to environmental changes such as salinization and climate change.

    Environmental change and socioeconomic factors in Africa

  • A new form of displacement is now on its way, Archbishop Veglio said, "People are moving away, since they can no longer make a living as a results of desertification and growing water scarcity, increasing sea-levels and 'salinization' of agricultural land.

    Latest Articles

  • Much of that 49% is subject to floods, droughts, heat waves, swelling/shrinking clays, and salinization.

    Matthew Yglesias » Size Matters

  • Bangladesh is suffering from diversion of Ganges River water and increased salinization.

    Brian Fagan: John Wesley Powell Was Right

  • Adverse effects include the loss of mangrove habitats crucial for shoreline protection and habitats as well as soil and water salinization, destruction of wild stocks, and the introduction of problematic chemicals.

    Bryan Gobin: Gulf Coast to Visitors: Y'all Come Down and Eat!

  • Articles from this project include: Alcids in marine ecosystems, Environmental and social implications of dam removal, Freshwater mussels in North America - factors affecting their endangerment and extinction, Mercury in the Gulf of Maine watershed, Phragmites australis - cryptic invasion of the Common Reed in North America, Secondary salinization.

    Student Science Communication Project

  • We are losing yet more to soil erosion, salinization, overexploitation and desertification.

    Farmland: The Next Boom?

  • For 350 EARTH, Rodriguez-Gerada designed the image of a girl form the coastal community of Delta d'Ebro which is threatened by climate change, especially sea-level rise and the resulting coastal erosion and salinization of fresh water supplies.

    Jamie Henn: Can art save the climate? 350 EARTH

  • He also referred to the challenges faced by this sector, like stagnating yields, decreasing farm lands, unstable market processes, salinization, nutrient imbalances, emergence of drug resistant strains of pests, and gave a clarion call to the agri-scientists to address these issues and re-energize the agriculture sector.

    JK Governer,CM for blending modern science with traditional approaches to boost agri-production


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