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  • n. Any of several prickly shrubs of the genus Rubus, especially R. spectabilis of western North America, having trifoliate leaves and fragrant reddish flowers.
  • n. The edible salmon-colored, raspberrylike fruit of this plant.

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  • n. A bush, taxonomic name Rubus spectabilis, found on the Pacific coast of North America
  • n. The fruit from this bush, similar in appearance and texture to the blackberry and raspberry

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  • n. creeping raspberry of north temperate regions with yellow or orange berries
  • n. large erect red-flowered raspberry of western North America having large pinkish-orange berries
  • n. white-flowered raspberry of western North America and northern Mexico with thimble-shaped orange berries


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  • I gave baby Jacob his first salmonberry a week ago and he bounced up and down with excitement.

    » Salmonberries

  • As a teenager we lived in a house with a salmonberry thicket.

    » Salmonberries

  • Occasionally I'll be tricked into picking and eating a salmonberry, thinking it's a red raspberry, but even those aren't poisonous: They're just not very delicious.

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  • These ancient redwood forests and their tree-tops support myriad lichens, bryophytes and mosses as well as other vascular plants like salmonberry, huckleberry and Rhamnus trees growing some 240 feet above the earth.

    Dr. Reese Halter: Saving the Remaining Old Growth Redwood Forests

  • Angela was crying and blind from tears of grief and fright, but she ran; leaping over fallen trunks, squeezing between standing trees, fighting her way into vine maple and salmonberry.

    The Good House

  • They came to the creek-bed bordered by salmonberry and horsetails, where the rushing waters had begun to rejuvenate with the infusion of October rainwater.

    The Good House

  • He fills the hole, and as he leaves it, a mound of earth and muscle, stark amid a thicket of salmonberry with the trunks of spruce falling back all around it, high above the property in the late evening, he feels removed from himself, as though his body were a clumsy tool needed only a little longer.

    The Shell Collector : Stories

  • Stephanie grabs my hand and I lead her through fronds of blackberry and salmonberry that reach out and stroke her cheeks like beggars 'fingers.

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  • He passed up a sluggish waterway lined by alder and maple, covered with dense thickets, a jungle in which flourished the stalwart salmonberry and the thorny sticks of the devil's club.

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  • The surface of the timber lands was generally covered from five to ten feet in depth with fallen trees, in all stages of decay, moss-grown, and half concealed by a thick growth of salal and salmonberry bushes.

    Official Report of the Exploration of the Queen Charlotte Islands for the Government of British Columbia


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