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  • And God said, “Natura non facit saltum” — Nature shall not make leaps.

    Michael Shermer: Dear Kansas

  • And for the same reason, those that are advanced by degrees, are less envied than those that are advanced suddenly and per saltum.

    The Essays

  • In each, the variety appears to have arisen in full force, and, as it were, ‘per saltum’; a wide and definite difference appearing, at once, between the Ancon ram and the ordinary sheep; between the six-fingered and six-toed Gratio Kelleia and ordinary men.


  • Indeed we have always thought that Mr. Darwin has unnecessarily hampered himself by adhering so strictly to his favourite “Natura non facit saltum.”


  • Here, then, is a remarkable and well-established instance, not only of a very distinct race being established ‘per saltum’, but of that race breeding “true” at once, and showing no mixed forms, even when crossed with another breed.


  • [2461] Some add palpitation of the heart, cold sweat, as usual symptoms, and a leaping in many parts of the body, saltum in multis corporis partibus, a kind of itching, saith Laurentius, on the superficies of the skin, like a flea-biting sometimes.

    Anatomy of Melancholy

  • For this reason, intensification and development in the sense of non facit saltum are incompatible.

    ‘Capitalism as Religion’ « Gerry Canavan

  • Alfred Marshall put on the frontispiece of his great textbook Principles of Economics a line penned by Raoul Fornier in 1627 to the effect that Natura non facit saltum, meaning nature does not proceed by leaps.

    Economic Principals

  • Here surgeons are to be advised that, when the blood escapes with force in the amputation of limbs, in the removal of tumours, and in wounds, it constantly comes from an artery; not always indeed per saltum, because the smaller arteries do not pulsate, especially if a tourniquet has been applied.

    On the Motion of the Heart and Blood in Animals

  • The truth of this remark is indeed shown by that old canon in natural history of 'Natura non facit saltum.'

    Archive 2005-03-01


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