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  • adj. Of or pertaining to salvation.


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salvation +‎ -al


  • I think there may be something "salvational" in our often imperfect denominational efforts to become " ... intentionally willing to struggle to dismantle legal and social barriers to equal association, act with integrity and honor the many gifts we bring" these words borrowed from the Liberal Religious Educator Association web site.

    Philocrites: Bill Sinkford talks with Boston's 'Bay Windows.'

  • Think of yourself as making art -- however bombastic or vague that may sound even to you -- and not as a producer of product or units: You will thus relieve yourself of worrying about your work's social or political function, since all art is redemptive, salvational, ennobling and is a protest against ignorance, crime, lies and Death.

    Bettina Korek: A Writer's Credo: Notes from Author Frederic Tuten

  • It's the least gruesome, but most stunning of the movies in the Lars von Trier oeuvre -- stunning in the original sense of the word, Melancholia, I mean, a merciless cosmic bookend to Terence Malick's salvational Tree of Life.

    Thomas de Zengotita: Newt, The Planet

  • So the never-discarded artillery parks are put to salvational use: Not in war but rather to hold back the heat.

    Michael Vlahos: America and China: Partners or Rivals?

  • This apathy is salvational in that it allows the person utilizing it to move towards a place of certainty, where they are certain they understand the play of gender roles, and are therefore able to overcome it, maintaining themselves as a good person.

    A Mind Racing Away From Itself « Gender Across Borders

  • The thematics of salvation provide undeniable textual continuities between the old and new testaments, and the whole inner logic of the Christian salvational system hangs on this notion applied to the life, and not just the death, of Jesus Christ.

    John Seery: Ann Coulter Has a Point, Kind Of (Hear Me Out...)

  • Perhaps it's my atheism at work but I found myself increasingly wary of and resistant to the salvational fervor of the Obama campaign, the idealistic zeal divorced from any particular policy or cause and chariot-driven by pure euphoria ....

    Obama, a Love Story

  • The salvational splendour of Foggartism already reduced to a brawl in a lavatory!

    The Silver Spoon

  • Hesiod (ca. seventh century B.C.) pre - sents a pessimistic philosophy of history, holding a de - gree of hope; Zeus had, for the creatures of the earth, decreed a mortality based upon mutual annihilation, but men were spared such self-destruction by means of justice, although who was to define and ultimately apply this salvational justice was not too clear.


  • We just do not believe that stadiums and arenas are salvational.

    News for Richmond Times-Dispatch


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