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  • n. Plural form of samurai.


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  • It will be interesting to see how all the flag-waving Republican "patriots" and sofa samurais will react when asked to pay for the wars they so passionately support -- provided they are without apparent cost.

    Eric Margolis: Attention All Republican Flag-Wavers -- If You Want Wars Abroad, Pay for Them

  • Over the tagged panels, using his own paper stencils that are unique to each painting, Fujita creates intricate compositions, which feature samurais, geishas, dragons, tigers and fish, using spraypaint, paint marker and Mean Streak, in striking colors.

    Bill Bush: Made in L.A.: This Artweek.LA (October 10-16, 2011)

  • Often, Asians are only cast if the characters are specifically Asian, often leading to stereotypes like Japanese shutterbug tourists; the owners of restaurants, corner stores, or dry cleaners; exchange students; Asian gang members; martial artists/ninjas/samurais; or anything that would seem "funnier" if done with a thick Asian accent.

    Jonathan Kim: Why The Green Hornet's Kato Matters

  • Before that, the chills come via a middle-age woman and her young daughter-in-law who kill wandering samurais amid the tall grasses surrounding their isolated hut.

    Haunting Films From Japan

  • Japan's reactionary Tokugawa shogunate employed gunpowder to obliterate troublemakers and then banned all guns—even its own—for the sake of preserving the samurais' sword-wielding hegemony.

    Where They Got Their Grit

  • My true inner-killer combatant was revealed as I underwent a personalized warrior assessment from the chief physician of Spike TV's "Deadliest Warrior," the show where civilization's most skilled military fighters are pitted against one another to determine last warrior standing: Vikings clash with samurais; Green Berets skirmish Spetsnaz; Maoris collide with Shaolin monks.

    Harmon Leon: Finding My Inner Killer

  • Third, even if it had been short, that wouldn't have dramatically improved this unremarkable story of samurais and revenge and honor and the such.

    Michael Giltz: Cannes 2011 Day Eight, Nine and Ten: "Melancholia" As Von Trier and Almodovar Disappoint

  • The fairy tale-tinged “Chi-Chian” is set in a dystopian New York — the city has lost its independence and become a prefecture of Japan — and centers on a seemingly ordinary young woman who has been tapped as a heroine and must fight samurais, robots and zombies to protect her loved ones.

    Chi-Chian makes its way to the movie screen | Major Spoilers - Comic Book Reviews and News

  • Seven guys, all in their twenties -- none of which with permanent mailing addresses, and all of whom affectionately refer to each other as samurais -- staged a 750-people-plus, invitation-only gathering attended by the world's top influencers.

    Max Lugavere: The Authors of Tomorrow

  • Not surprisingly, I was deluged by hate mail from legions of sofa samurais and armchair patriots who wanted to fight to the last professional American soldier in Afghanistan.

    Eric Margolis: Obama: Tell Americans the Truth About Afghanistan


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