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  • n. A ridge of loose sand drifted by the wind: same as dune.


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  • The book is so full of helpful tips that some paragraphs will need a second read; otherwise, one could get lost trying to figure out east from west, follow sea currents and decipher sand-dune shapes.

    "The Natural Navigator" by Tristan Gooley

  • The water stood, a great lake of it, bulging beyond a high sand-dune.

    A Line Drawn in the Sand

  • Policymakers faced with the degradation of coastal and marine environments, including the loss of coastal flats and sand-dune degradation, focus on reclamation of intertidal and sub-tidal mudflats and sandbanks and damage to coral reefs.

    Regional scenarios for Africa's future~ coastal and marine environments

  • If Bufoniceps is the sister-taxon to Phrynocephalus, then its sand-dune habitat suggests that arenicoly (= ‘sand loving’) is primitive for toad-heads, and that saxicoly (= ‘stone loving’) evolved later on.

    Archive 2006-12-01

  • P. lewisi is restricted to a .8 square-kilometer (km2) reserve of sand-dune habitat in the Cromwell area.

    Cantebury-Otago tussock grasslands

  • A large chunk of the new capacity, some 250,000 barrels a day, is to come from a three-year expansion under way at the big Shaybah field, on the edge of a vast sand-dune region known as Rub al Khali, or the Empty Quarter.

    Saudi Arabia's industrial drive

  • We were camped under the lee of a low sand-dune, the top of which commanded Pun-nul Bay.

    Tropic Days

  • Accordingly, we inclined right, over flats of limestone and sand, and saw a distant corner of the Great Nefudh, the famous belts of sand-dune which cut off Jebel Shammar from the Syrian Desert.

    Seven Pillars of Wisdom

  • Yet almost at the limit of his vision Elric made out another shape, something that was neither a shadow nor a sand-dune but which might have been a group of rocks.

    The Fortress of the Pearl

  • It took minutes to establish that there truly were no ships, not one, that not a single mast reared above a sand-dune, that no brig lay up channel and no frigate beat the stormy waters off the Cape.

    Sharpe's Siege


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