from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. Grass that grows on sandy soil, as by the sea-shore.
  • n. Specifically, in the United States, Triodia (Tricuspis) purpurea, an annual tufted grass of the Atlantic coast and sandy districts inland. It is of little practical worth.
  • n. Specifically, Calamovilfa longifolia, a stout long-leafed grass of sands or sandy soil, found in the Great Lake region and from the upper Missouri to Kansas. Its strong and far-extended rootstocks make it very valuable as a sand-binder. More fully, big or long-leafed sand-grass.
  • n. The blue-joint grass, Calamagrostis Canadensis, and other species of the genus, as C. Hontanensis, Montana sand-grass, and C. hyperborea Americana, also called yellow- top.
  • n. The salt-grass, Distichlis spicata.
  • n. The Indian millet, Eriocoma cuspidata.


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  • Suddenly he seemed to hear a rustle among the harsh sand-grass.

    Westward Ho!

  • Here and there one saw reflected the image of a heifer, turned loose to live upon the sparse sand-grass.

    The song of the lark

  • So there he wrote and wrote; and he walked far along the sands, with his boy dogging his steps and stopping for shells and crabs; and at a certain point of the beach, where the waves ran over a bar and formed a lake a few feet in depth, he would seat himself on a tussock of sand-grass, and I would undress and run into the cold water and continue my swimming-lessons, which had been begun in Stockbridge Bowl, continued in

    Hawthorne and His Circle


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