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  • n. In geology, a lobate delta-plain of sand and gravel washed from a glacier into a body of standing water and remaining after the glacier and the water have disappeared.


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  • Leaving the canal, they set out upon the sand-plain, the undertaker's burro crawling along at an aggravating pace, its master refusing to whip it up, despite urging.

    Frank Merriwell Down South

  • With surprising strength the man on the bed of grass sat up, stretching out his hands, gazing across the sunlit sand-plain beyond the open door of the hut, and went on:

    Frank Merriwell Down South

  • AN almost dismantled, forsaken, adobe house stood alone near the edge of the sand-plain in the midst of a world of sand, sun and mountains.

    The Man Who Would Not Be Saved

  • VICE VERSA, one crosses a succession of parallel belts, first a sand-plain, then a ridge of granite, next a timbered flat, then a stretch of auriferous country, with possibly a belt of flat salt-lake country on either side.

    Spinifex and Sand

  • For about eleven and a half miles, over an immense sand-plain, running as far as the eye could reach to the North-West and

    Explorations in Australia, Illustrated,

  • A smooth sand-plain, only a mile in width, lay between the besiegers and the walls of the besieged.

    The Rifle Rangers

  • During high tides and "northers" the sea washes over the surrounding sand-plain, and Vera Cruz appears almost isolated amid the waves.

    The Rifle Rangers

  • On the evening of that same day they saw the sun sink down into a shining horizon, which they knew was not that of the burning sand-plain over which they had been so long moving.

    The Boy Slaves

  • This sentry was the one stationed to the south of the _douar_; and with eyes constantly striving to pierce the darkness that shrouded the sand-plain, the water, on which a better light was reflected, received no attention from him.

    The Boy Slaves

  • With lighter hearts they now gave themselves to sleep; and when the sun began to sink, and the evening wind to pass over the sand-plain, they struck their tents, and marched on.

    The Oriental Story Book A Collection of Tales


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