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  • n. Plural form of sandbar.


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  • In the Maldives, nicknamed the "flattest country on earth," poor coastal protection measures such as dredging to create sandbars and erecting seawalls have unintentionally reduced the flow of nutrients to coral reefs, weakening a natural shield against storm swells and surges.

    Benjamin K. Sovacool: Adapting to Climate Change the Right Way

  • For their tide model, Corum's watchmakers added a calendar, moon phases and individual gauges for the strength, time and height of the tides—information that helps boat owners avoid submerged rocks and sandbars.

    Princes of the Tides

  • Even Malvergne, the pilot Eddy had caught so much heat for smuggling out, succeeded in steering the USS Dallas destroyer through a narrow channel from Port Lyautey off the Moroccan coast, dodging sandbars, sunken ships, and Vichy shore fire so seventy-five U.S. Army rangers could debark and seize the nearby airport.

    Wild Bill Donovan

  • The landings at Algerian beaches near Oran and Algiers were chaotic with transports off course or lost in the dark night, tank-carrying vessels stuck on sandbars, green American soldiers staggering to shore with hundred-pound packs on their backs, and French soldiers waiting for them who chose to fight though they were far outnumbered.

    Wild Bill Donovan

  • Michael Lorino, head of the Associated Branch Pilots, said pilots have to maneuver through tricky currents made worse by the river's many bends, and they must stay away from sandbars built by the huge amount of silt carried down during high-water season, usually in the spring.

    Out-of-control barges on Mississippi hit bridge

  • Much of the sea around the Isle of Wight and the Isles of Scilly , major estuaries and islets off the east coast, as well as reefs, trenches, sandbars and remote places seldom seen by humans, are included in a list of 127 sea areas that have been proposed as new nature reserves.

    127 areas to be proposed as English marine conservation zones

  • A dynamic river system such as the Missouri and its tributaries is constantly reshaping its riverbed, sandbars and banks.

    Flood opens doors to research; Lack of funds may close them

  • Wayne Stancill, a U.S. Fish and Wildlife hydraulic engineer, wants to document the rate at which the river creates new shallow-water habitat for endangered fish such as pallid sturgeon, and bare sandbars where endangered bird species such as the piping plover and least tern can nest.

    Flood opens doors to research; Lack of funds may close them

  • Over time — lots of time — I learn more about tidal cycles, wind, weather, sandbars and wave-gouged holes near the beach.

    The Call of the Surf

  • I will use crawfish on sandbars, fished on bottom with a 3oz. egg weight.

    Landing large catfish


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