from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A local name for those species of Polyporus that grow on trees, but more specifically applied to Polyporus squamosus, abounding on decayed trunks, especially of ash-trees, the stems of which sometimes form a foundation for tennis-balls. It is sometimes used for razor-strops. See cut under Polyporus.


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  • Grave pronouncements, depressive navel-picking, unironic attempts at comtemporary verse, a drunkard's lop-sided viewpoint, a gambler's guilt-ridden attempt to wallow away clean and get to the otherside with a fiver in his pocket, splattering love like holy water, pointing fingers at "them", or "it" and "isms" ..... thinking maybe that I was in the center of this burning sap-ball of a universe or perhaps that rotten stone was the universe all along - regardless of taste.

    joegood Diary Entry


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