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  • n. Plural form of sap.


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  • Are we allowed to say that, these days? saps @saps | Send note | 20 Apr '09, 21: 54 | Reply | X

    Drowned In Sound // Feed

  • Oh, I see the brackets close up after you hit 'post reply'. saps @saps | Send note | 20 Apr '09, 21: 50 | Reply | X

    Drowned In Sound // Feed

  • You kyle and the rest of the repubs are sick and insane! people have no income coming in and you ignorant saps is playing with there income.

    Kyl calls for job creation

  • Long story short, Kring had made some ill-advised remarks at a screenwriting conference -- the word "saps" was used -- and after his remarks were widely criticized online, he ended up sending an apologetic note to several fan sites.


  • Of course she says this – the woman lives and breathes the GOP playbook of do one thing, label it another, hope the poor saps don't figure it out.

    Palin says she is not a quitter

  • Landrieu's no worse than the rest of them, and the insurance companies are no worse than the defense contractors, the banking and finance industry, the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, the telecommunications industries and others who gain influence by helping these poor saps in congress raise money.

    Landrieu the latest senator to face TV pressure over public option

  • By trying to bankroll moviemaking, states put themselves in the position of being either saps or censors.

    Snooki to Snookered: States' Film Tax Credits Produce Embarrassment

  • MR. ZOELLICK: On the one hand, there's a feeling among the German public that they don't want to be taken as saps and other people are going to have to strengthen the reform process.

    The Danger Zone

  • It saps investor confidence and erodes medium-term growth prospects.

    RBI: Excessive Government Borrowing Bad for Growth

  • Spare a thought for those poor saps on society's margins.

    TV review: The Apprentice, Home Is Where The Heart Is


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