from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The rope by which a sash is suspended in its frame.
  • n. A rope employed in raising telegraph-poles to the vertical position.


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  • As to the window, the sash-line had broken that very morning, and Mrs. Armitage had propped open the bottom half about eight or ten inches with a brush; and, when she returned, that brush, sash, and all were exactly as she had left them.

    Martin Hewitt, Investigator

  • a sash-line; this can was perforated at the side, and a strong tube screwed tightly into it; the tube protruded twelve inches from the can in shape of an S: by means of this a slow-burning fuse was connected with the powder; some yards of this fuse were wrapt loosely round the can.

    Put Yourself in His Place


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